How can I locate my Cobb AccessPort serial number?

Your AP serial number can be found in a few different places:

  • There is a sticker on the side of your box (your accessport was shipped in)

  • You can find the serial number when hooked up to a power source (either your car or computer) through the AccessPort itself. Here is a screenshot run-through of how to find the serial number on your AP.

A) Starting in the main menu, scroll all the way up to "Help".
B) In the "Help" menu, click the "About AccessPort" option.
C) In the "About AccessPort" menu, scroll down to "Serial Number Sticker". You should find a 10 digit serial number there. If you have a V3, it will begin with FOR, SUB, MIT, MAZ, NIS, etc (depending on your car).

  • You can also find the serial number when the AP is connected to AP Manager. Simply connect your AP to AP Manager and click the "AP Info" button. The serial number will be in the middle of the pop-up window.


  • Under the faceplate of your V3 AccessPort. We only recommend this as last option as you may accidentally break your faceplate. You can pull the faceplate off from the top gently. The serial number is located in the white rectangle. It's best to re-install the faceplate from the bottom end first.


  • If you have a V2, it will start with 111, 121, 131, 221, 421 and so on (depending on your car) and will also be a 10 digit number. If you're going through the AccessPort to find your V2 serial number, it will only give you the last 3-5 digits. The first 3 digits will be the year/model of your car. For example, if you have a 2002 WRX, that is a SUB-001 part number. A V3 part number would start with "SUB01", whereas a V2 serial number would start with 111. If it gives you the last 4 digits of, for example, 1234 and your first 3 digits are 111, then your serial number would be 1110001234. All AP serial numbers are 10 digits, so you take your first 3 digits, your last 3-5 digits and fill the middle with zeros until the serial number is exactly 10 digits. 

These serial numbers should also be on the back of the V2 AP.

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